Entrusted by Christ with the mission of bringing the Good News to all, we the multilingual family of Our Lady of Assumption, joyfully declare to love and honor God and another. We desire to grow in our faith and strive to serve the needs of others with the help of the Virgin Mary. We seek to be a parish in which all can find a true home, welcoming all nationalities and cultures to serve God as one.

Through the celebration of the Eucharist, we accept as our goals:

to live our life according to our faith ~ to share our faith with others and teach by example ~ to serve and nourish the needs of others
to support one another in spiritual growth ~ to strengthen and inspire our Parish family

December 4, 2014


Dear Parishioners:

     This is the second of two letters intended to inform you of the status of physical improvements underway at our parish.  Previously, I gave you a description of the work completed on the Church building and here I will move on to the remaining buildings: the Auditorium, the Religious Ed building, the Rectory (including the Priests’ Residence) and the Outreach Center.  In the interests of space, I will simply provide a list for each building before making my concluding remarks.

     In the section below, the name of the building is followed by an itemized list of the improvements we have completed on that building since my arrival.  A Capital Campaign item will have the letters “CC” next to it.  The lists are as follows:



  • Renovated the Altar to make it mobile
  • Replaced the curtains on the stage (CC)
  • Renovated the stage floor
  • Established a Sacristy in the back of the Auditorium
  • Renovated the bathroom by the Sacristy
  • Built a closet for the altar server albs
  • Purchased 150 new folding chairs
  • Purchased 10 folding chair racks
  • Purchased a new projector
  • Replaced the computer, microphones and added new speakers
  • Upgraded the lighting to “energy efficiency” bulbs
  • Replaced the old heating system (CC)
  • Replaced the old A/C system and established two separate zones (CC)
  • Painted rooms A1 and A2 above the bathrooms
  • Renovated room A3 (above the Sacristy)
  • Replaced the windows in the kitchen and the crying room (CC)
  • Upgraded the kitchen
  • Had the exterior bricks pointed (CC)
  • Added phone ability
  • Added WiFi for the building


Religious Ed (School) Building

  • Repainted the classrooms and hallways
  • Replaced the old heat pumps
  • Upgraded the lighting to “energy efficiency” bulbs
  • Renovated the religious education offices
  • Renovated the nursery school office
  • Upgraded the phone system
  • Upgraded the computer system
  • Upgraded the religious education software system
  • Added WiFi for the building
  • Added 97 new desks and chairs to be adult-friendly
  • Upgraded the television in 10 classrooms
  • Replaced the old tile floor with new “pergo” flooring in rooms 2,4 and 8
  • Had the exterior bricks pointed (CC)
  • Sealed cracks on the main roof with a special sealant paint
  • Added flashing around the perimeter of the roof
  • Repaired smaller entrance roof on Dante Avenue


Rectory Building


  • Added an awning over the main entrance door
  • Had the exterior bricks pointed (CC)
  • Painted all of the offices
  • Replaced old carpeting with “pergo” flooring
  • Replaced the desks
  • Upgraded the lighting to “energy efficiency” bulbs
  • Upgraded the telephone system which now connects all buildings except Outreach
  • Upgraded the computer system
  • Upgraded the data systems including the accounting and census programs
  • Added WiFi for the building
  • Added security cameras to view the premises

     Priests’ Residence:

  • Repainted all the walls
  • Polished all the wood floors
  • Upgraded the kitchen (CC)

Outreach Center

  • Painted the client clothing area
  • Repainted the offices (CC)
  • Replaced all the old carpeting on the main floor with new “pergo” flooring (CC)
  • Upgraded the lighting to “energy efficiency” bulbs
  • Upgraded the bathrooms
  • Replaced the chairs
  • Added a slop sink in the basement
  • Upgraded the computer system
  • Added WiFi for the building

     There is still more work to be done on some of the buildings.  For example, the Sacristy in the Church needs to be renovated, the bathrooms in the auditorium need renovation, the bathrooms in the school need repair, etc.  However, the majority of the renewal projects that we had planned are now completed.  Before concluding, I should also mention the improvements that we have completed to the parish grounds.  They are as follows:

  • Cemented all the bluestone at the shrine
  • Added a walkway to the Cross
  • Added a walkway from the rectory office to the Outreach Center
  • Repainted all the wrought iron railings and fences
  • Added lighting (6 new lamps) to the field used for extra parking, the parish feast, etc.
  • Added bluestone to the entrances of the field
  • Replaced the door of the garage next to the Auditorium
  • Added security cameras to all entrances for all buildings


     While the end of the renovation projects is in sight, we are not there yet.  The work continues and we need your continuing support in fulfilling the financial pledges you have made.  We are always mindful of the generosity of our parish members and the sacrifice of those who have pledged money to the Capital Campaign.  We pray in thanksgiving for your efforts.  When we are finished, you should take comfort in knowing that what you have done gives Our Lady of the Assumption the hope of a long future.  Again, thank you!


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Dariusz Koszyk

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